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Mutley's Hangar is proud to introduce our latest member Dave Gorman, also known as "dgor" on many forums.

Dave's interest in aviation was sparked off after an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Valencia. Shortly after he explored the twilight world of flight simulation and he has been smitten since!

Although heading for his 16th birthday Dave already has career plans to go into medicine ideally as a cardiac surgeon.  Dave also wants to become a pilot so is taking flying lessons in his spare time as you can see from Dave's latest shot to the left.

Dave lives just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland and is always looking for opportunities to pop across for some spotting in Manchester.

His main interests are aviation, flight-simming, first - person - shooters, computing and days out with friends. Dave's musical interests run to U2, Guns N Roses, OK Go, Tally Hall, Thin Lizzy, R.E.M and Hard-Fi


Dave is now amassing an impressive range of reviews and articles, all are well worth a read.

PC Spec:
Intel Prescott 3.06GHz, 1024MB DDR2 Dual-Channel RAM, 160GB Seagate hard drive, BFG 7600GT overclocked, Tagan 480W PSU


Click on the links below to go to dgors pages:

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Video editing guide

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Roads and Rivers of Europe

VATSIM - The pilot's perspective (Download pdf version here

Just Flight/CLS DC-10 Collection

Wilco Airbus Series 1

Just Flight PSS 757 Professional

  Mutley says.. . . .

Thanks to Dave for contributing to Mutley's.
Keep checking back here for Dave's latest articles.


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