FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport
For FSX/P3D/P3DV2 Published by Orbx
Reviewed by Andrew Godden
August 2014


There are areas and airports / airstrips in flight simming which are not only rarely visited, they are downright remote. Yet, they offer some of the greatest flying and flying challenges. Papua New Guinea is just such a place. Here the majority of flying is done under visual flight rule (VFR) conditions only, in mountainous terrain up to 14,800 ft, where the weather can change in an instant, and any forecast is only ever used by a pilot as a guide. Put all this together with landing on bush strips with short runways and dog-leg approaches, most of which are perched on the tops of ridges or the sides of hills, and you can appreciate why this part of the world presents some of the most challenging flying around. No wonder it is said in the real world you are not a real pilot until you have flown in Papua New Guinea.

Orbx have now released the first airport in their Pacific Island (PI) series for the Oceania region, FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport. The airport services the capital, Port Moresby, however, this is more than just the usual Orbx airport scenery product. FTX: PI AYPY extends to include the famous Kokoda Track, the associated villages along the track, and the bush strips which provide a necessary lifeline to these villages. With all that to entice you, there are still even more secrets to this package to be enjoyed.


Located to the immediate north of Australia, Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, and along with its offshore islands, is located in the Oceania sub region known as Melanesia. The capital, Port Moresby, is located in the southeast of the country, in an area of coastal lowlands. The 54th largest country in the world, it has the 6th fastest growing economy, driven mainly by the mining and resources sector. Port Moresby was a prime objective for the Imperial Japanese forces during 1942–43 in World War II, as it was to be used as a staging point and air base to cut off Australia from Southeast Asia and the Americas.

Jacksons International Airport is the largest and main airport of Papua New Guinea and is the main hub for Air Niugini, the national airline of Papua New Guinea, as well as the main hub for Airlines PNG. The airport was established in 1940, when a runway was built by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in recognition of the strategic importance of Port Moresby in the event of war in the Pacific. During World War 2 the original runway was upgraded and two additional runways were added by the United States Air Force. These were made by using pierced steel planking (Marsden Matting). The existing passenger terminal was constructed in 1959, while a concrete, apron and parallel taxiway were completed in 1963.

Availability and Installation

FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport is available from The FlightSim Store as a 'download only' product (a master back-up DVD service is also available for a minor additional cost). It is priced at AUD$32.95, or the equivalent on currency cross rates. The file size of 511.86MB is reasonable considering the detail and quality of the scenery and a key code is issued and used during installation.

The installation process is easy and intuitive and the scenery installs seamlessly as part of the Oceania Region in the FTX Central application. As with any Orbx product, it is highly recommended that after installing the product, you install or reinstall the latest version of the Orbx Scenery Libraries (ORBXLIBS).

Scenery Coverage

It is difficult to define the actual area of coverage provided by FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport other than to say it is extensive. The images indicate the two major areas, however, additional airport features have been enhanced across Papua New Guinea. Certainly, most of the major features and buildings in the area around Jacksons International Airport are included and FTX: PI AYPY comes with a range of the latest Orbx 'Flow' technologies.

AYPY 30 cm Coverage Area

Kokoda 60 cm Coverage Area

Kokoda Track Coverage Area

Jacksons International Airport

Level of Detail

The first question here is, "Where do I start?", the second question is, "What hasn't been included?". Whilst FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport is part of the FTX airport series, the amount and level of detail included, in some respects, equates it to a mini FTX region series product. Developer, Tim Harris, having previously produced great airports, such as FTX: AU YBTH Bathurst Airport, wanted to produce more than just an airport, he wanted to produce an experience. Together with fellow developer, Ken Hall, Papua New Guinea was the perfect place for such an approach and the result is this comprehensive product.

FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport includes:
    ● Jacksons International Airport (AYPY) and the surrounding area;
    ● Kokoda Airport (AYKO), the regional airport at the northern end of the Kokoda Track, with photo real surroundings;
    ● 10 detailed bush strips and their associated villages;
    ● the Kokoda Track and its associated villages;
    ● Isurava village, with the memorial and a helipad; and
    ● 21 regional airports / airstrips upgraded using the Orbx regional method.

FTX: PI AYPY breathes life into Papua New Guinea with 30 cm and 60 cm photo real scenery coverage in selected areas, and custom PNG vegetation, GSE, and static aircraft libraries. With the Kokoda Track clearly visible from Owen's Corner, across the Owen Stanley Range, all the way to Kokoda, it provides a great visual reference point when flying and navigating your way to the various villages. Each village is highly detailed and there is hand placed land class around AYPY, Kokoda, and the Myola plains. in addition, there is custom PNG AI available via an update to the FTX AI pack (FSX only).

The Old Guard

Terminal Area & Ramp

The regional airports / airstrips which have been upgraded using the Orbx regional method are on both the mainland and surrounding islands and the enhancement of these is excellent. These include:
    ● Buka Airport (AYBK);
    ● Chimbu Airport (AYCH);
    ● Daru Airport (AYDU);
    ● Goroka Airport (AYGA);
    ● Gurney Airport (AYGN);
    ● Girua Airport (AYGR);
    ● Hoskins Airport (AYHK);
    ● Kiunga Airport (AYKI);
    ● Kavieng Airport (AYKV);
    ● Kunaye Airport (AYKY);
    ● Madang Airport (AYMD);
    ● Mount Hagen Airport (AYMH);
    ● Mendi Airport (AYMN);
    ● Momote Airport (AYMO);
    ● Lae Nadzab Airport (AYNZ);
    ● Tari Airport (AYTA);
    ● Tabubil Airport (AYTB);
    ● Rabaul Airport (AYTK);
    ● Vanimo Airport (AYVN);
    ● Wapenamanda Airport (AYWD); and
    ● Wewak International Airport (AYWK).

There are various display levels for static aircraft, depending on the AI traffic installed, and these can be set in the AYPY Control Panel. Additionally, other "Flow" technology features can be enabled / disabled in the AYPY Control Panel.

International Ramp Area

Domestic Ramp Area

Airport. The airport, and immediate surrounding area, is covered by 30 cm photo real scenery. Around the airport precinct, the level of detail in FTX: PI AYPY is very good and the accuracy is exceptional. Like other large airports in the FTX airport series, FTX: PI AYPY is complete with object detail in both animated and static scenery. The domestic and international terminals are excellent and there is a fantastic range of static aircraft, operations areas, hangars, and ground vehicles. It also includes the newly constructed Control Tower and Fire Station. To add to this, there is a range of ramp staff, and more detailed items, such as, safety cones, and rubbish bins located around the airport precinct, particularly around the main terminal areas.

Air Niugini Cargo

PNG Defence Force Ramp Area

Old Control Tower

Control Tower & Fire Station


Out of Place or a Long Way from Home

Kokoda Track. This area is covered by 60 cm photo real scenery and this provides a wonderful depth to flying in this area. The Kokoda Track itself is accurately represented and the villages and bush strips, in particular Kokoda village and the airport, are all presented in high detail. The Isurava Memorial, located in the small village of Isurava above Kokoda, is also another fine example of quality of detail in FTX: PI AYPY. All the villages are well detailed and, again, these areas have an array of people activity represented in different areas. The bush strips in this area include, Bodinumu, Boridi, Efogi, Kagi, Launumu, Menari, Milei, Myola (abandoned), Timkenumo, and the Isurava helipad. For those who love to fly helicopters, good luck in trying to get into the helipad at Isurava. On an interesting side fact, the Royal Australian Air Force lost a de Havilland Canada DHC-4 'Caribou' (A4-285) at Efogi in 2008. The aircraft was dismantled on site and the components retrieved.

Kokoda Airstrip

Trekkers & Their Washing at Kokoda

Isurava Helipad

Isurava Memorial



Other Regional Airports and Airstrips. The developers have upgraded another 21 regional airports and airstrips in Papua New Guinea using the Orbx regional method. This process provides a reasonably accurate representation of these locations, with taxiways, buildings, and static and animated objects. This exponentially expands Papua New Guinea for flying locations and adventures. With the exception of one other commercial payware product, it has been difficult to even get half decent freeware scenery for this area.

Buka (AYBK)

Goroka (AYGA)

Madang (AYMD)

Momote (AYMO)

Whilst I found the general level of detail to be excellent, there was a discernible lack of passenger and ramp staff activity at Jacksons International Airport. The two main terminal areas, particularly the international terminal, had a range of animated and static airside activity but it did seem austere for the size of the airport. Furthermore, operational areas away from the main terminal areas lacked a level of airside activity. This was disappointing and made the airport somewhat sanitary and lifeless.

Quality of Buildings

Overall, the quality of individual buildings, particularly around the airport precinct, is exceptional. The main airport terminal building, alone, is both stunning and outstanding and is not simply just a representation of the structure, it displays fine quality and accurate intricacies. Other airport buildings are of a high quality, whilst some buildings on and outside the airport precinct appeared more generic in nature. Additionally, the buildings portrayed in the villages are a good representation of the village huts which are characteristic of Papua New Guinea. The Isurava Memorial is, again, an excellent example of fine quality, all of which adds to the overall quality and realism of this product. A comparative review of images from FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport, and images researched on the internet clearly demonstrated the incredible level of quality in the building models.

International Terminal - Landside

Beautiful Detail

New Roof Required Soon

Helifix Building

Pacific Helicopters



As part of the installation, a 26 page User Guide is provided in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) and is accessible from the FTX Central application. Other than providing an detailed overview of FTX: PI AYPY, it also provides comprehensive information on the following:
    ● Jacksons International Airport;   
    ● manual scenery library configuration;
    ● AYPY Control Panel;
    ● scenery coverage, Kokoda and bush strips (including history);
    ● quick reference FSX / P3D settings;
    ● recommended FSX / P3D slider scenery settings; and
    ● autogen density slider settings.


Having enabled all features in the AYPY Control Panel, FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport performed excellently within the existing settings I have in FSX. I have my frame rate locked at 30 frames per second with most of my settings set high to very high. I did not need to make any adjustments to compensate for performance issues and there was no discernible impact on frame rate performance. Of course, this is also system dependent and paying heed to the relevant sections in the User Manual should avoid any disappointment and provide optimum performance for your particular system.

International Terminal at Night

Domestic Terminal at Night

Value for Money

FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport is considered exceptional value for money. The coverage and the additional upgrade to other regional airports and airstrips are stand out features, providing over 30 scenery enriched airports / airstrips.

Technical Requirements

With the exception of requiring FTX: Global installed, there are no other stated, specific system technical requirements, other than a system capable of running FSX. The FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport User Manual provides some excellent advice on the various scenery slider settings and AYPY Control Panel settings which will maximise the performance of the software and FSX for a range of hardware specifications. Note. Whilst FTX: PI AYPY can be installed without the FTX Global product, there are limitations with such installations.

Review Computer Specifications

The specifications of the computer on which the review was conducted are as follows:
    ● Intel i7 990X Extreme, 3.46GHz;
    ● NVidia GTX580, 1536MB graphics;
    ● 12GB Kingston DDR3, 2000MHz;
    ● Windows 7, (64bit);
    ● Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX Acceleration; and
    ● additional major add-ons include: Active Sky Next, REX Essential Plus Overdrive; Ultimate Traffic 2; Orbx FTX Global BASE;
       Orbx FTX Global VECTOR; Orbx FTX Global openLC EU; Orbx FTX region series; and Orbx FTX airport series.


Orbx FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport is an excellent scenery add-on which is replete with detail and quality. After spending quite a few hours exploring this scenery, I can honestly say, Tim Harris and Ken Hall have developed a level of detail in FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport which improves and expands Papua New Guinea exponentially and provides an incredible immersion factor. With the objective of creating an experience, they have certainly achieved it with FTX: PI AYPY. The detail is such that I have been able to appreciate the remoteness and ruggedness of the country and, in particular, the Kokoda Track and all it represents in Australian folklore. The combination of the resolution of the photorealistic scenery, and the accurate placement of the detailed villages and scenery, meant I was able to fly using VFR navigation techniques, just as most of the flying is done in this rugged country.

Overall, FTX: PI AYPY is a fantastic scenery add-on and provides an excellent base and focal point for flights in the country and the region. For anyone who flies in this region regularly, or is simply a fan of Orbx products, FTX: PI AYPY is an addition to your scenery you will enjoy having.

Short Final to RWY 32R

Verdict and Rating

Another excellent product from Orbx, FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport displays an amazing level of detail to complement the other products in the Orbx offering.

High quality.
Excellent level and attention to detail.
Comprehensive and thorough documentation.
Exceptional value for money.

Sparse static and animated PeopleFlow scenery at AYPY.

Scores: gold
   ● Scenery Coverage: 10/10
   ● Level of Detail : 9.0/10
   ● Quality of Buildings: 9.0/10
   ● Documentation: 10/10
   ● Performance : 10/10
   ● Value for Money: 10/10

Orbx FTX: PI AYPY Jacksons International Airport is awarded a Mutley’s Hangar score of 9.7/10, with an "Outstanding" and a Mutley's Hangar Gold Award.