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Brief: John heads up our North American division and is chief feature writer and joint administrator of our forums.

Bio: John lives near Ocala airport in Florida having retired from his job in Nuclear Maintenance Management in 2002. In mid career John also gained a BS-E (Industrial Engineering) at Western Michigan University, 1989.

John persuaded his wife of 36 years, Pam, to move to Florida from Michigan in 2003 and considers it to be the best thing he ever did. ("Except for marrying Pam"!)

John & Pam also have a daughter living in North Carolina and a new baby member of the clan who arrived in spring 2008. This was a very busy time for John & Pam as they were also entertaining honoured guests at the time. (Me & Lisa!)

In his earlier years John was enlisted in the US Navy (non-aviation) and since earned his PPL for single engine aircraft but is no longer current.

An avid aviation enthusiast both real and simulated, John is an aficionado in Just Flight's Cargo Pilot and can often be seen in forums handing out useful advice.  

John was instrumental in the early development and the fruition in one of flight sim's most inspirational programs, Air Hauler, the natural successor to CP. As ever, John remains humble about his contribution to the success of Air Hauler and undoubtedly without John's dogged determination this finely crafted product would not be what it is today. Of course the expertise of Duncan Murray the developer must not be overlooked either!

John is now a well established, much liked and respected member of Mutley's.  Other than helping me out here, John is also a sought after beta tester being known for his thorough and quality assessment; this can attributed to his engineering and management background and John is presently testing software for some of the biggest and smallest FS developers in the industry!

If this was not enough John is also a very active member of his local flight sim club helping with day-to-day running and organising social events. As part of his involvement with the Ocala Flight Sim Club John administers their own sub-forum on Mutley's.

John admits to being a compulsive tinkerer "If I can't fix it, I can fix it so you can't fix it....." One of his many philosophical sayings! Below is a directory of John's work here on Mutley's. There are gripping novels with tales of derring-do! Helpful airport charts, DIY projects and very comprehensive product reviews.

Latest Feature: Moving Stock Airport Buildings in FS

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